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If you care about time, the fastest option is to choose a transfer to your Revolut, Skrill or PayPal account. These transfers are made instantly. Transfers to other bank accounts are made within a few hours.

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These statistics do not contain hidden sensitive data. We collect them for informational purposes only.

Crypto Currency Price Sent Commission Date
Bitcoin BTC US Dollar USD $28,079.60 $822.00 $41.10 22.03.2023 02:01
Ethereum ETH US Dollar USD $1,792.77 $3,901.00 $195.05 21.03.2023 22:11
Ethereum ETH US Dollar USD $1,792.21 $5,525.00 $276.25 21.03.2023 21:32
Bitcoin BTC US Dollar USD $27,866.50 $2,691.00 $134.55 21.03.2023 14:53
Ethereum ETH US Dollar USD $1,757.40 $7,739.00 $386.95 21.03.2023 11:29
Bitcoin Cash BCH US Dollar USD $126.90 $1,634.00 $81.70 21.03.2023 08:04
Bitcoin Cash BCH US Dollar USD $131.30 $1,933.00 $96.65 21.03.2023 03:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer here, write to us!

What data do you collect?

Depending on the method you want to receive money, we require you to provide the account number to which the equivalent of the sold cryptocurrency should be sent.

How can I pick up cash?

You can pick up cash in an agreed currency at a predetermined place. Cash is spent on a password generated by our system. You arrange the place of cash pickup with our consultant.

USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Turkey, Cyprus, Spain, Greece
Contact us for other countries.

How long do you keep informations about the transaction?

Detailed informations about the transaction are kept in the system only for the duration of the exchange. Statistical data are published indefinitely and do not contain open or hidden sensitive information.

Do you share any informations about transactions with other institutions?

No, we do not cooperate with any state entities, and the platform is completely free from restrictions and surveillance.

Is an individual transaction possible?

Yes, with larger amounts it is possible to exchange any cryptocurrency for any amount of cash. Such a transaction requires several days of preparation and is discussed individually.

How long does a cryptocurrency exchange take?

When choosing a cryptocurrency from the available list, its exchange usually takes up to several hours and is carried out on the same day, regardless of the time. An individual order may take up to several days.

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